DIY 100 Harry Potter Halloween Party and Costume Ideas from The Dragon’s Fairy Tail here. A few that I liked out of so many good ideas:

  • Magical Color Changing Drinks (super easy) from Day2Day here.
  • Platform 9 3/4 Entrance from Hall Buzz here.
  • Pumpkin Juice Recipe from Babble here.
  • Harry Potter Paper Glasses Template from miragestudio7 here.
  • Hogwarts’ Ties from The Brilliant Crafty Type here.
  • Luna Lovegood’s Pudding from Spoon Fork Bacon here.

The Silent History, “a geo-located mobile serialized story,” looks amazing. Via Fersh linking to Buzzfeed.


The Silent History, “a geo-located mobile serialized story,” looks amazing. Via Fersh linking to Buzzfeed.


Alexis Arnold is a San Francisco based artist who covers books (amongst other things) in Borax crystals in order to heighten the sense of memory, nostalgia and “ages past” of the objects. 

These are The Catcher in the Rye and The Complete Book Of Houseplants

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Stop trying to “get it together.” The biggest lie we’re told when we’re growing up is that soon as we’re adults, as soon as we’re in college, finish college, get that job, have that steady income, find that someone special, “find ourselves,” find that perfect house, get that retirement fund, have those children, everything will fall into place. Here’s a secret: it won’t. Every new development in your life, good or bad, big or small, will come with its own very special set of challenges. The sooner you accept that, the better off you’ll be. But the myth is perpetuated throughout life, perhaps now more than ever with happy status updates on Facebook and blushing bride/happy multi-tasking mommy blog posts. What these success stories don’t tell you is what is going on behind closed doors. They don’t tell you that your friend who is so over the moon with her new baby had to apply for food stamps. They don’t tell you that your fantastic, involved professor struggles with depression. They don’t tell you that your happily married friend still has nightmares about her abusive ex. They don’t tell you the cousin who just got that jealousy-inducing job opportunity is thinking of breaking up with his boyfriend of 10 years. What closely interacting with people from all backgrounds on the Internet for over a decade has taught me is that no one “has it together” in the way we think they do. So stop trying to have that as your goal, because you are just setting yourself up for massive failure.
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So this exists. -Savy


So this exists. -Savy

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DIY loose leaf tea bags. Click through for tutorial!

DIY loose leaf tea bags. Click through for tutorial!

Your life is not an episode of Skins. Things will never look quite as good as they do in a faded, sun - drenched Polaroid; your days are not an editorial from Lula. Your life is not a Sofia Coppola movie, or a Chuck Palahniuk novel, or a Charles Bukowski poem. Grace Coddington isn’t your creative director. Bon Iver and Joy Division don’t play softly in the background at appropriate moments. Your hysterical teenage diary isn’t a work of art. Your room probably isn’t Selby material. Your life isn’t a Tumblr screencap. Every word that comes out of your mouth will not be beautiful and poignant, infinitely quotable. Your pain will not be pretty. Crying till you vomit is always shit.
You cannot romanticize hurt.
Or sadness.
Or loneliness.
You will have homework, and hangovers and bad hair days. The train being late won’t lead to any fateful encounters, it will make you late. Sometimes your work will suck. Sometimes you will suck. Far too often, everything will suck - and not in a Wes Anderson kind of way.
And there is no divine consolation - only the knowledge that we will hopefully experience the full spectrum - and that sometimes, just sometimes, life will feel like a Coppola film.
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